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Hi Lovelies,

I hope you guys are all fabulous x

Sorry it’s been a few weeks since I’ve uploaded a post. I have been massively distracted and have quite a bit going on at the moment, so do bear with me.

Let’s chat about OTO STICK. If you’ve been following since the beginning, you’ll know I’d LOVE to get my ears pinned back (and my nose done but that another story). I have no problem with cosmetic surgery, my feeling is that it’s your body you can do as you please, within reason of course. Your body Your choice. So the only reason I haven’t done it is funds, and my crippling fear of needles and Doctors.

OTO STICK is a great alternative for those who wanna try out the whole ear pinning if they aren’t sure, or who don’t have the funds. They are quick and easy and last, once you get the hang of it that is!

I’d say you’ll go through about two boxes before you get it, but once you’ve got it, your laughin!! I tend to apply them after I’ve washed my hair. I scrub the area clean, get all of my hair out of the way, and then clean the area again with antiseptic, just make sure the area is dry before application.

Before removing the protective bit play around with it and see where you think might be best to apply it. I find the closer to where my ear meets my head (if that makes sense) is best. If you’re a glasses wearer like me you’ll have to do this otherwise it’s a HOT MESS.

Once you’ve figured out where you wanna place it, remove one side, usually I do the ear first as opposed to my head, I just find it easier. Once that’s on, remove the protective bit on the other side. This is fiddly and you’ll be fit to kill someone by the end of it, but practice makes perfect. I will also mention that the likelihood of your hair getting stuck and tangled in this is highly likely, again practice makes perfect.

You’ll know when you’ve hit Goldilocks status because they will be comfortable and eventually you’ll forget you have them on! It’s all about practice, I know it can be frustrating as they are a bit expensive, but if like me you really dislike your ears I think you should persevere. 

Have you guys tried OTO STICK? I’d love to hear your experience.

I HIGHLY recommend them, they give me so much confidence. I would usually NEVER wear my hair up, maybe to the gym but that’s it, but this product give me the option to do so on a daily basis.

Till next time my lovelies.

Sarah xoxo

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