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As you guys may know Jarek (my boyfriend) is from Poland, Sopot to be exact, so I thought it was about time I did a little Sopot post.

Sopot is a sea side town in northern Poland, the vibe is chill, but as its a popular summer destinations it can get very busy. 

1. Monte Cassino 

This is the main street that’s a pedestrian zone. It has lots of bars, restaurants and shops, and leads straight onto the Molo ( aka the pier). We have no H&M in Jersey so that’s always my first stop, and just beside is a pharmacy meet pound shop type place that I love going too. They sell Wibo which is a polish makeup brand I really like and they always have cute random things. This year I got some macaroon containers, you may have seen them on my instagram (LINK). There are a few other clothing shops in that area that are definitely worth a look. 

Also right on the other side of H&M is the “Crooked House” which was designed by Szotyńscy & Zaleski, who were inspired by the fairytale illustrations and drawings of Jan Marcin Szancer and Per Dahlberg. It’s actually just a costa coffee, but it’s one of the must sees on Monte Cassino. On a side note H&M and Costa both have free wifi.

There’s some great places to eat too. I ended up in Billy’s America Diner, again this place has free WiFi, for a late breakfast. I got the Mexican eggs.

The Zapiekanki place is just off the Main Street and defo worth a visit as it’s a tradition Polish “dish”. It’s essentially pizza bread but not apparently.

IF like me you have a sweet tooth you’ve need to try the donuts. Loads of places do them, but this place is the only place Jarek will go to, so it must be the best! I’d highly recommend the toffee.

If your looking for some little trinkets like fridge magnets or things like that, I’d highly recommend this little independent “stall” type place. They do the most beautiful ceramics. I won’t go into too much details I’d just urge you to go and have a look.

If your a cocktail girl like me, Sopot is the place for you. They have cocktail place after cocktail place, but if like me you are keen to get something different and of course instagramable, cocktail bar max is the place for you! I have no idea what Jarek ordered, I just know that it had rum. That was my only requirement 

There are some amazing art galleries too so make sure to have a look. They don’t allow photos so I have none. Oh and they also have a wax museum which I only noticed when we were leaving so let me know if its good for next time!

2. The Light House 

This is such a cute thing to do. I’m afraid I can’t remember the price, but I think it’s just the zwate equvalent of a couple of pounds. The light house itself  is super old light and has a, like a million steps so be ready for a work out, but once you get up to the top theres an amazing view of the whole town! When your done looking at the view you have that lovely “climb” back down and the best bit, you get yourself a little cert to say you’ve done it.

3. Osetpki

I know theres already a lot of food mentioned, but thats what holidays are all about right!? Jarek loves these things so he said I had to put them in. I won’t give too much away about them, but if you try them let me know and what you think of them. Also how cute is the little hut thing though? 

4. Molo

This is one of the things Sopot is most famous for. There’s often some buskers and during the summer there’s free movies on and usually some events selling boats. There’s a bar restaurant in the middle which we just got some cocktails in, I got myself a tropical margarita. And of course it’s where, you favourite thing, the pirate ship docks. 

5. Pirate Ship

Possibly the best bit of the holiday!! If like me you love a bit of childish fun, this will be right up your street. You can eat or just have drink on the ship while you sail towards Gdansk. There is a time table so bare that in mind and its quite popular so get there a bit early. We went straight to the restaurant bit to order so as far as I can tell there’s no entertainment. We ordered a traditional polish pork dish, and cocktails of course! The food was great and the cocktails were delish! Highly Highly Highly recommend! 

6. Rent Bikes

One thing that Jarek was super keen to do was to rent bikes and explore the cycle paths. This is a great way to get out about and see a different part of Sopot. 

We hoped to rent them for two days, but unfortunately this didn’t happen, we were visiting his family so the whole trip didn’t exactly go to plan, but that’s a story for another time. 

We rented our bikes from JDJRB and I’d highly recommend them! The woman who works there was so friendly and very helpful, lending us a map and giving us loads of options of where to go. If you’re in Sopot for a week I’d highly recommend them and I think it would be worth your while renting bikes for two days. Maybe just make sure your have somewhere safe to keep them over night. 

7. Where We Usually Stay



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