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Visiting Jersey or Guernsey Channel Islands? You need to get on Quids In. It’s essentially a website you sign up to where you can get deals for local hotels, stuff like restaurants, activities and tech.


QuidsIn covers Jersey and Guernsey so make sure you select the correct location I’ve often been like “oh wow that hotel looks amazing” and I’ll asks Gillian about and she’ll be like “that’s in Guernsey”. I’ve signed up so i get a couple of emails a day letting me know what bargain is available. Do make sure you are looking at the bargains for either Jersey or Guernsey, depending on where you want it for. It is usually clearly marked in the subject of your email, but sure who the fuck has time to read every little bit of every little email, especially if you are anything like me and have like five of ’em. Ain’t no body got time fo dat!

I wouldn’t say that you’ll find something every single day that you are going to want, but more often the not I usually get something once a month. This is a lot I know, but it’s so easy to purchase if you have a PayPal account and as we all know I LOVE a good bargain.

They do loads of different offers but my favourite and the ones I look out for are usually afternoon tea offers, trips to Saint Malo on Condor Ferries and over night stays. I have bought gifts on there too and electronic items are usually a good deal, but more often than not when they pop up I never have the money.



My absolute favourite thing to get are the over night stays at the hotels. They pop up quite regularly on off peak times, but not so often at peak times. The ones I see more often then not are The Grand Jersey, Pom D’or and L’Horizon. I like them all, but L’Horizon is my absolute favourite so far. We’ve only been once, I’ve now deemed it as out Anniversary location for a staycation, the location is beautiful (especially if the weather is good) the rooms are lovely, there’s a beautiful spa and the food was great (we got room service so I can’t say for the restaurants) . The thing I noticed the most was how clean it was, which we all know is important to me with my OCD! I hope to do a blog post if we stay again so if I do I’ll link it HERE.

If you get any bargains do let me know in the comments! I’m dying to see what other people get off this sight or other similar sights! 


  • Reply Sam 03/03/2017 at 4:06 pm

    I’m traveling to Guernsey soon and will definitely sign up. Looks great! Thanks

    • Reply MagpieMagpie 26/03/2017 at 10:27 pm

      Hi Sam, Sorry for my late reply. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your trip to Guernsey! I haven’t actually been yet so drop back and let me know how you get on!! Sarah xo

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