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Today we are back to makeup, one of my favourite subjects. Brushes I think are something I have a small bit of an obsession with. I don’t have a huge collection, although I think I can assume it’s bigger than some. As you know I wear a full face day in day out, so there’s usually a few top up bits in my bag. I’ve had some random brushes over the years and loved them, but when I spotted this new kit from Real Techniques I couldn’t resist. 

Who doesn’t love a good matching mini brush set, with a sponge, am I right? This On The Go Glow Brush Set from Real Techniques is great. The set comes with a foundation (200 mini expert face brush: firm bristles to buff liquid or cream foundation into a glowing, flawless finish.), blush ( 407 mini multitasking brush: plush, large head for a focused application of blush, bronzer or setting powder) and contour brush (406 mini medium sculpting brush: flat, wide head to add depth + definition of liquid or cream contours) along with a sponge (Miracle complexion sponge: soft, flexible sponges to blend liquid + cream foundation into a luminous, dewy finish).

Personally, as I’m using the brushes as a handbag staple, I get the most use out of the 200 mini and the 407 mini. That being said they are great to use on first application, but the reason I got them was to keep in my bag for day to day top ups and fixes so just bear that in mind if you are wanting them for everyday use.

I have very oily skin so I tend to have to top up my foundation, concealer and powder in my T zone as the day goes on. One of the great things about the R.T. brushes is that they work great with all types of products, liquids, creams, and  powders, and can be used all day everyday. 

One of the things I like most about this set, and all the R.T. brushes, is how quick and easy they are to clean. It literally takes five minutes to clean this set and they dry pretty fast too. This is ideal for me as when they are knocking about in my bag I want to be able to clean them quick and easy.

I haven’t chatted much about the sponge, but that’s not because they aren’t great, it’s just because it’s not very hand bag friendly and that what I bought this set for. On a side note, let me know if you’d like me to do a basic make-up look with the brushes, just so you can see the brushes in action. I could do a little IG video. And as always if you have any questions or feedback leave me a comment below.

What’s your favourite R.T. brush? I’d love to know

Thanks for reading, till next time.

Sarah xo

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