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So it’s official, I’m obsessed with lip colour! Today is yet another lip product review. I was wandering about Boots as I usually do on my lunch and told myself I could treat myself to one new product. I’ve been playing it quite safe with all my staple products so I seem to be buying up a shit load of lip products, like a stupid amount!

One of the brands I come back to for foundation for all the time is Revlon. It never lets me down. So I thought to myself, why not try a few other products. Well obviously there is LOADS to choose from, but I was drawn to the Untra HD Matte Lipcolours. I really liked the shape of the packaging if I’m being honest, I also am all about the matte lip products and it was a number of months ago when EVERYONE and thier mother was talking about liquid lip colours. So of course the sheep that I am bought one! As I was restricting myself to only getting one I wanted to get one that I could wear with any make-up look, I ended up going for this nude ish colour. 


For a minute there I couldn’t find the name of the colour! When I bought this one there was the biggest bloody label on it that covered the lip. Like where is the sense in that I have no bloody idea, but anyway, I’ve found it now and its called HD Seduction.

Well I tell ye, I opened it, took a sniff and just thought oh baby this is gona be good!! Anything with fruity, vanilla or chocolate scents are a MASSIVE winner with me! The wand is very nice too, but its not my favourite. I know loads of people love it but it just doesn’t work great for my tiny lips. I tend to end up over lining my lips which looks God awful on me!

I put it on after my lunch, and left it until my afternoon tea break! I hardly ever get a chance to reapply my make-up when I’m on the shop floor and have often gone up after being in a lipstick all afternoon and been like FUCK!! So I was pleasently surprised to see that the product was still perfect on my lips! I had me cuppa tea and did a few tweets, checked again and could have quite happily gone back onto the shop floor with it still looking pretty darn good!

I was a bit worried about how a matte liquid lip product would feel on the lip but I love these formulation in these. They are SOOOO comfortable on the lip, really velvety and lightweight. The colour pay off is AMAZING too! 


Needless to say after work I marched straight up to boots and got myself another two shades, HD Devotion, and HD Addiction! 

HD SEDUCTION is a difficult colour to describe, its that real pinky / brown , but with a hint of wine thrown in. 

HD DEVOTION is a real summer berry colour, it has that wine undertone, but more bright and summery. Rosie! 

HD ADDICTION again still has that berry/wine tone, but more winter berry. Its much richer

 I do feel like product builds up on the lid of the package. I’m not sure it does it any more or less than others, I’ve just happened to notice it more this time. I tend to clean every so often with a wet wipe and sure its grand!

Hope you enjoyed this post! I’d love to hear if you have used any of these and if theres a colour you think I might like! 

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Sarah xo

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