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Eyeshadow oh how I love them. I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for, but like everything, there are always exception to the rule. 

I’d tried a few Seventeen products before and thought they weren’t bad so when I saw the shade Walnut Pearl ( a Copper Colour) I talked myself into needing to try these. For the blog of course. I ended up with four, Walnut Pearl, Statuesque, Black and Funfair. I got them to use as more of an all over the lid colour. Something I can lash on when I’m in a rushing out the door and still look I made an effort. You know my usual lazy girl shit!




I didn’t get anything exciting colour wise, just my usual browns and coppers. I don’t tend to steer to far from those colour as they work for me and I can wear them all day everyday. They have a great selection of colours in matte and shimmers, but of course I went for the shimmers. Hello I am a Magpie after all. My first two I chose were Walnut Pearl (an antique copper colour) and Statuesque ( what I would call a pink/brown gold colour). I just loved how quick and easy they were, so of course a few weeks later I went back and got Black ( a smokey charcoal grey with glitter) and Funfair ( a pink gold colour, not exactly rose gold, more pink than that!).






I’ve been trying these out for months, I know it seems like other bloggers have an opinion of products after a couple of days or weeks, but I can never reviews something that I haven’t been trying for more then four months. I just can’t seem to make my mind up about something before then. I need to try it in like a million different ways and wear them in different situation and all that jazz. Anyway I’m only mentioning this as I have a youtube channel and I often so hauls so you might see something and I won’t review it for ages so thats why.  

With these I can’t say enough good things. The pigmentation is great, the wear is not amazing, but considering the price point its really great! The colour options are great too, some that I personally wouldn’t have any use for, but some amazing colours like vibrant pinks and purples. The packaging is nothing to write home about, but as most keenly priced items it does the job.

I’ve heard of a few other seventeen products that could be great, is there anything you think I’d love? Let me know. xo


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