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Pale like a ghost like me and struggle to find your perfect foundation shade? This product might be the answer!

I’ve always struggled to find the perfect colour match when it came to foundation, but over the years I nailed it! Unfortunately since starting a new round of acne medication things have changed. For reasons beyond my control my skin has decided it wants to oxidize. My skin has always done this, but since being on the medication its on another level!

My ride or die foundation is the Revlon Colourstay, and my colour (when I’ve no tan on) is 150 Buff. This was always a tiny bit too dark, but it was the right tone and I could always make it work by bringing the foundation down my neck and blending everything out really well!

Since being on the medication this oxidizes a lot and unless I wear some tan, it is quite obvious that it does not match me. I’ve been heart broken, so when I heard of these shade adjusting drops I was soooo excited. There are a good few on the market, but the one I found was The Body Shop Lightening Shade Adjusting Drops (they have darkening ones too).


How they work is you pump out your foundation as normal onto the back of your hand or onto a palette and then add one drop. Mix well and check the colour, if needed, more drops can be added. This stuff is fantastic if you only need to adjust the shade with a drop or two, any more and it changes the foundation coverage. Mine became more of a medium coverage and didn’t last as long throughout the day. If I needed to add more than two drops of the Shade Adjusting Drops it can also affects the SPF, so do bare that in mind.

I liked the packaging of these drops. It has a lovely glass bottle with a dropper, but my dropper was shite!!! It didn’t do its job very well, I could only get about one drop at a time because the pump didn’t work well all the time.


The thing I think I like most about this product is that is mixes we’ll with all the foundations I’ve used it with. I’ve found when mixing different foundations together, they don’t always work well. I’ve tried this out with a number of foundations and these drops are a great, they mix in so well, flawless even. The only con I would say it that it can effect the coverage.



I’ve used this product a lot over the past year and would highly recommend it to people like me who have the perfect foundation, but need to adjust the colour slightly. They are for sure one of my current Ride Or Die products and I can’t wait to try other brands!


  • Reply Bernie 16/08/2017 at 8:46 pm

    A quick question what mascara would you recommend. I am struggling to find one thst suits me i seem to be sensitive to mascara these days

    • Reply MagpieMagpie 17/08/2017 at 9:25 pm

      Hi Bernie, you might like to read my Barry M Mascara post- It doesn’t give me any trouble with my eyes and the staying powers is like no other. Barry M is also cruelty free which is always nice. Let me know how you get on! Sarah xo

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