Super Facialist || Rose Miracle Makeover Facial Oil


Winter is officially here, and it’s about this time every year I do the change over, mainly clothes but this year I’ve added in some skincare bits too.

Today its all about the Una Brennan facial oil. There is a myth that people with oily skin shouldn’t use oils but thats a lie. My advice is to use them sparingly. 

I have no idea why but I love the Super Facialist packaging, they make my (horrible) bathroom cabinet look so pretty and like a spa. I’m addicted and always want to try something new. This product is a 30ml bottle and has a very convenient pump, you can clearly see the golden colour in the bottle which I find quite pleasing to the eye.


I tend to use this product once a week after a long relaxing shower. I have a whole pamper routine organised and it features this delightful oil.

I follow the instructions (kind of) and pump out a generous amount (about 2 pumps) and worm it through my hands. Then when I feel the temperature is right I gently apply to my face and neck. The feeling of this is just divine, and instantly puts me in a better mood. It feels so lux and nourishing. 



I then wonder about doing my other bits like manicure and pedicure, while sipping some fruity pukka tea, or prosecco, depending on what kind of mood I’m in ha ha. After about an hour or two I use a damp wash cloth and I remove the acess that my skin hasn’t soaked up.

Et Voilet. Delightful pamper night complete.

The idea is to use this as a pre-cleanse treatment, but this is not ideal for me as I wear make-up everyday. Now that the winter weather is on its I might be having a few more duvet days at home so I might try using it as recommended, and let you know how I get on.

I’d love to know what skincare product you’ve added to your collection this winter. Leave a comment below.

Till next week

Sarah xo


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