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Magpie MakeUp Collection || YSL Edition


Hello my little Magpies,

As you may have noticed I’ve become a small bit obsessed with lip products. So much so that I finally treated myself to some high end ones.

Where I live (Jersey CI) there is a department store called De Gruchy who, at the time, had a YSL stand. I was pottering about the make-up department and spotted a crowd around the “discount” table. Sure I had to pop over and have a nosey.

What I found was a delight! YSL make-up on discount, eeee. I was a very excited and a bit overwhelmed. Like all discount areas it was messy, well no that’s not 100% true, it was organised as much as a discount table could be. Anyway I’m getting off topic. There was lots of make-up and skincare, at the time I didn’t realise, but they were going through some changes and were actually in the process of getting rid of the YSL concession.

Long story short I picked up a number of items. I was super keen to get a one of the Rouge Volupté Shine. I had no idea what colour I wanted, but I walked away with 47 Beige Blouse. I thought I’d seen Anna Secona mention this one so I blindly bought it!

For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted YSL things. They are just so lux in my eyes, so I decided the discounted prices couldn’t be missed! I was also going through a bit of a tough time so shopping seemed to be the answer. I just couldn’t stop myself, if it seemed like a good deal, I was getting it!


Over time I’ve built up quite a collection. Palettes, lippies, nail varnish and skincare. I think let’s start with nail varnish. I’ ve got some very unique ones I have to say.

I love the colours they bring out but I think if I’m buying any full price I think I’ll stick with really wearable colours like reds and browns. I would also consider investing in the top coat as the one I have transfers a lot.


YSL_Nail_Varnish Continue Reading

Super Facialist || Rose Miracle Makeover Facial Oil


Winter is officially here, and it’s about this time every year I do the change over, mainly clothes but this year I’ve added in some skincare bits too.

Today its all about the Una Brennan facial oil. There is a myth that people with oily skin shouldn’t use oils but thats a lie. My advice is to use them sparingly. 

I have no idea why but I love the Super Facialist packaging, they make my (horrible) bathroom cabinet look so pretty and like a spa. I’m addicted and always want to try something new. This product is a 30ml bottle and has a very convenient pump, you can clearly see the golden colour in the bottle which I find quite pleasing to the eye.


I tend to use this product once a week after a long relaxing shower. I have a whole pamper routine organised and it features this delightful oil.

I follow the instructions (kind of) and pump out a generous amount (about 2 pumps) and worm it through my hands. Then when I feel the temperature is right I gently apply to my face and neck. The feeling of this is just divine, and instantly puts me in a better mood. It feels so lux and nourishing.  Continue Reading

Micellar Cleansing Water || Simple


Simple is a brand I go back to time and time again. Its odd because it’s not my favourite skincare, but if I’m in a pinch it’s the one I always go back to as it never fails me.

I’ve been using their micellar water on and off for a while now, so I thought it was about time I told you guys what I think of it! As we all know I love me a good micellar water, and as I’m keen on simple, I was keen to try this one. 

Simple are known for being “sensitive skin experts”, it states it on their packaging, which is great for me and my skin can be very temperamental. 

The packaging stays true to the Simple look, I like that is has this kind of sand blasted look. It makes it stand out from the crowd a bit.

The bottle is a good size(200ml) and the price isn’t too bad either, coming it at £4.94. Boots often do deals on it too, so I always try to keep an eye out! 


Like with all Simple products, there is not much of a smell. It has a hint of something, but not that artificial smell you can get with some skincare. I know strange because there are so many things that make me want to love this product, but I can’t say it’s going to be one for the Ride Or Die pile. Continue Reading

Shade Adjusting Drops || The Body Shop


Pale like a ghost like me and struggle to find your perfect foundation shade? This product might be the answer!

I’ve always struggled to find the perfect colour match when it came to foundation, but over the years I nailed it! Unfortunately since starting a new round of acne medication things have changed. For reasons beyond my control my skin has decided it wants to oxidize. My skin has always done this, but since being on the medication its on another level!

My ride or die foundation is the Revlon Colourstay, and my colour (when I’ve no tan on) is 150 Buff. This was always a tiny bit too dark, but it was the right tone and I could always make it work by bringing the foundation down my neck and blending everything out really well!

Since being on the medication this oxidizes a lot and unless I wear some tan, it is quite obvious that it does not match me. I’ve been heart broken, so when I heard of these shade adjusting drops I was soooo excited. There are a good few on the market, but the one I found was The Body Shop Lightening Shade Adjusting Drops (they have darkening ones too).


How they work is you pump out your foundation as normal onto the back of your hand or onto a palette and then add one drop. Mix well and check the colour, if needed, more drops can be added. This stuff is fantastic if you only need to adjust the shade with a drop or two, any more and it changes the foundation coverage. Mine became more of a medium coverage and didn’t last as long throughout the day. If I needed to add more than two drops of the Shade Adjusting Drops it can also affects the SPF, so do bare that in mind.

I liked the packaging of these drops. It has a lovely glass bottle with a dropper, but my dropper was shite!!! It didn’t do its job very well, I could only get about one drop at a time because the pump didn’t work well all the time.


The thing I think I like most about this product is that is mixes we’ll with all the foundations I’ve used it with. I’ve found when mixing different foundations together, they don’t always work well. I’ve tried this out with a number of foundations and these drops are a great, they mix in so well, flawless even. The only con I would say it that it can effect the coverage.



I’ve used this product a lot over the past year and would highly recommend it to people like me who have the perfect foundation, but need to adjust the colour slightly. They are for sure one of my current Ride Or Die products and I can’t wait to try other brands!

May Favourites ||


I hardly ever post my videos on here, but I think every now and again I will trow up whats on my YouTube.

This time it’s a catch up. There’s been loaaaaads of random things that I’ve been loving lately! I’s super excited to share them with you!

So let me know in the comments what you’ve been loving recently whether that’s a beauty product, film, food, anything! 

Enjoy my May favourites!

Till next time,

Sarah xo




Not Another Wish List || Catrice Edition


I adore high-end makeup brands, but i ADORE a good budget brand more.

Many moons ago when I worked in Arnotts Jewellery department I often went into the local Penneys. It was about the time they brought in their makeup section, it had Wet n Wild, Essence and Catrice. I like the other brands, but was always more fond of Catrice! The first thing I ever bought was a nail varnish, called Jonny says Tre chic (or something like that) and people went mad for it.

As you may know one of my ride or die products is the Catrice camouflage cream, but I also love their primers and powders!! I’ll leave some links here to some of the other blog posts I’ve done on the brand:

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but no shops here in Jersey actually sell Catrice, so when I go home I try to stock up as much as possible. I’ve had a good look through their website and found some products I think will work well for me and add to my collection!

 Disclaimer: I’ve just googled these products and used some images from there!!

First up is the liquid camouflage concealer. This was of course going to be on the list, I am all about the camouflage cream so I’m keen to try this! Its always out of stock when I go home 🙁 I’ve heard great things though and I feel like this will be another ride of die product for me! Also the fact that its waterproof sounds AMAZING!!!



Next up is one that as an acne sufferer I feel like I need in my life, the camouflage cream anti red.  If it’s anything like the original I’ll be stocking up every time I head home. I’ve used the anti redness primer and loved it so I think I can safely assume this will be another firm favourite!!




Currently I can’t get enough highlight! I have no idea what I’m doing with it mind you, but I Love the healthy glow it can give. Or the ability to be seen from space ha ha. I’ve never used any Catrice highlight as far as I can remember, but I tend to really like their other powder products so something tells me I’m going to like them. Once I saw High Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder I knew I had to try it! Mmmm I can’t wait to get my hands on this beauty.



Contouring is a must for me nowadays, once I started I couldn’t stop. I’ve found some great stuff out there, but as of yet not my ride or die! I like this type of kit. I know I have a highlight above, but when they come in this type of kit the highlight tends to be a bit more wearable. They are perfect to pop in your makeup bag and top up or add on for a night out if needed. I’m liking the shade option. I’m not sure the new shade is for me, but maybe if I get to go on the sun holiday I’ve been dreaming of we shall see. Ha! I’m really looking forward to trying this Prime and Fine Contouring Palette.



Last but not least is something that I really want to try just for fun!! I love me a winged liner and I thought these metallic ones would be great for nights out of festival season! I’ve never used Cartice liner so I’m not sure if I’ll like them, but they just look so cool so I had to add them to the list!




Have you tried any of them? What do you think? Is it worth it is it not???

Super Facialist by Una Brennan || MagpieMagpie

I’ve always loved skincare, but over the last couple of years I’ve become more confident in my choices. If you’ve been over to my YouTube channel you’ll know that this year I aim to make more of an effort to share what I use on my skin and how.
One brand I’ve been loving over the past 6 months is The Superfacialist by Una Brennan. I have no idea what made me buy it, or even take a chance on new skincare as I hardly ever change what I use. In the past I’ve had some HORROR stories, but as of late my skin has been “good” and I was in the market to try something new. 
I was in boots on the hunt when I spotted a new product that was on special. The Superfacilist range by Una Brennan. There is a great selection of products for all skin types, but of course I was attracted straight away to the Salicylic Acid Anti Blemish! 
I really liked their packaging too. It’s white, which I usually try to stay away from coz I get makeup EVERYWHERE but, its that type of plastic that can be easily wiped clean. There something about the clean, clear and crisp lettering I really like too.
The product is a clear gel with not very much fragrance, it does smell but I can’f really figure out what it smells like.  I love the lack of a strong smell coz my nose can be very fussy, if it doesn’t like the smell it seems to get stuck in there and can give me a migraine! So yea, I like the smell / not strong smell!
It lathers up well and leave my pre-cleansed skin spotless!
I don’t ever just wash my face, I always pre-cleanse! After I’ve removed as much of my make-up as I can, I wet my face and lather up about a pea sized amount of the facewash and then just go crazy! It desolves away anything that is left of my face (except any barry m mascara, they are a nightmare to get off!) I love the feeling when I use it and I LOVE how my skin feels after it. It leaves my skin so soft and smooth and it just feels amazing. I can for 100% say that it helps with my acne. My blemishes clear up much faster and don’t seem to be as aggressive.
All I can say is I’m so glad I reached for these products and they will 100% be a staple in my skincare routine. As Ive said before I have very sensitive skin and now that I’m on the Minocycline again it tend to be even more sensitive, but my skin just loves this product. If like me you have adult acne I’d encourage you to at least try out this product. It comes in just under £10, I tend to get mine in Boots, but sometimes if you are lucky they can be on special.
Let me know if you’ve tried out any of the Super Facialist stuff and what you thought! Or even if there is a product you think I’d like that I may not have tried before.