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Pore Filler Primer || NYX


Lately I’m all about the primers. Anything that can prolong my make-up and do others modern day miracles like cover redness, minimise pores, and mattify… I’m all over that shit!! NYX has always been a favourite of mine, I love their lip glosses and blushes. So I was keen to try out a few more bits. On the hit list was the NYX Pore Filler. I have, what I think are, really large pores and anything I can do to try and mask that I’m all about.


Since moving to Jersey I’ve been more aware of FeelUnique and when I saw they would be stocking NYX, lets just say I was rather excited!! I actually hate ordering online, but as I may have mentioned before Jersey isn’t great when it comes to stocking drugstore make-up. So I bit the bullet and ordered a few bits. The Pore Filler primer was one of the items. I had heard lots about pore filling primer and wasn’t sure what to expect to be honest. I wasn’t sure if it would actually work, if I’d even like it, what the texture would be like, nothing. I just said I’d roll with it and sure “try it out for the blog”, I’ve have said this for the last year and have not blogged about half the items so this is why I keep saying I’m on a make up buying ban!! Anyway I bought this many moons ago so its about time I reviewed it. Continue Reading

Collection Concealer


Hello my little Magpies, 

I know its been a couple of weeks but I’ve been really busy with my JET course, not to mention Paddy’s and my birthday. I hope to be a bit more on it over the next month. I love to watch other youtubers and read others blogs, mostly beauty. Sometimes I notice a few of my faves talking about the same stuff and sure if my faves are talking about it I tend to feel the need to try it. The Collection Concealer is one such product. Collection is not a brand I would typically reach for but as cheap make-up goes Jersey is very limited so I find I’m trying more brands that I wouldn’t typically. Anywho…

ColectionConcealerOpen Continue Reading

Prime and Fine Anti-Red Base Primer || Catrice


As my acne has come back with a vengeance I need some products that can combat the redness. I have always shied away from these kind of products, but years ago I went on a beauty course and the teacher suggested colour correcting products, the rest is history. Continue Reading

MUA Pro-Base Prime & Conceal Powder


Powder is a necessity for me as I have very oily skin! I’m also an acne sufferer, so when a powder is colour correcting, I am all over it!!!

MUA is a brand I have never tried before but I was in Limerick and sure of course you have to pop into superdrug; and anyway long story short I saw this so it went in the basket. Continue Reading

Catrice Cosmetics Camouflage Cream


I’m finally getting around to doing a review on my favourite concealer, Catrice Camouflage Cream.  If you follow me on any social media, you will know I suffer from acne. Concealer is something I feel I can’t live without. I’ve been LOVING this concealer for the past 6 months. I literally can’t get over how good it is. It’s cheap as chips, give amazing coverage and comes in a good few shades which is great. This concealer, in my opinion, is exclusively for acne / blemishes. It’s much too heavy for under the eyes, covering those dark circles.  

VLUU L310W L313 M310W / Samsung L310W L313 M310W

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IsaDora Color Correcting Concealer 34 Anti Dullness


Concealer, colour corrector and highlight all in one??? Yes please!!

It comes with a light coloured concealer, a green colour corrector which is for redness, a yellow/orange colour corrector for dark circles and a light shimmery highlighter. The packaging is really nice to look at, it’s compact, clean. The product is visible and clearly marked. At the back there is a diagram on how to use the product. The product is a cream, I’m used to a heavy cream but this one is a bit watery. I’ve used green creams before, I like them! Although they can be difficult to find at the chemist / drugstore, so it’s great that Isadora brought out this and I got it in my ITWBN goodie bag so I was happy out!

VLUU L310W L313 M310W / Samsung L310W L313 M310W

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I’ve been Nominated for the Liebster Award!!!


Hi guys,

So if you can believe it, I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award, by the beauty that is Aine. You should check out the blog, she relatively new to the blogosphere but she is flying it! I actually couldn’t believe it… I was shocked, in a really good way. I’ve been struggling with my blog, and my life, the last month so it was great to get something positive thrown at me!


Here’s a bit about the Liebster Award for those of you who haven’t hear of it. Basically you have to link and follow the person that has nominated you, they will have questions for you to answer, in a post you have to answer the questions, then you nominate 11 others and come up with your own questions for them to answer. Aine’s were good so I might have to steal a few!!

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