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Ok before we start, get yourself a cuppa tea (and some cake or biscuits because why else would you have tea lets face it) It’s going to be a bit of a long one!!

Over the Easter break I had the pleasure of staying at the Grand Jersey Hotel and Spa for an overnight stay. Jarek and I had stayed there before and we had a lovely time so he decided to get us an overnight with dinner and breakfast for my Birthday. Jarek was working on my actual Birthday and even though we spent the morning together I wanted to do something special so an overnight stay was perfect.

We decided to stay on a Monday so we turned up about 1 o’clock to check in. Now we didn’t exactly realise that the check in time was actually 2pm but it was fine. We checked in with a very nice chap named Alex, and were told our room wasn’t ready just yet and we could make ourselves comfortable in the Champagne Lounge until our rooms was ready. It was a terrible day out and we had walked to the Grand so I was dying to sit down and have a cuppa, so that’s what we did. I’ve been to the Champagne lounge many times before and really like it there. It has a modern look but is so cosy and the staff there are always lovely. Really friendly, attentive and professional.


(I stole this photo for google, mine came out shite)


We ordered tea which came with biscuits, which I was rather impressed with being a sugar monster, and they brought not only a pot of tea but a smaller pot with hot water so you could top up if you wanted (my mother would be pleased with that ha ha ). We were there about 20mins when we were told our room was ready and that our bags had been brought up. I had made a bit of a fuss about getting a big room when I called to book and had mentioned it on social media as when we had stayed before we had the smallest room I had ever seen. The bathroom was very sweet though. I’m pleased to say they delivered. 


Our room number was 146 , that was located on the second floor at the end of the corridor. Once we entered the room it had a sort of hall bit where the closet and one of those little iron things was. Then we opened door number two and we enter the bedroom. Let’s talk about the bed… “where the magic happens” as they say. The bed was a good size, I would have thought a king size but don’t quote me on that, and very comfortable. The best thing about the room compaired to the first one we stayed in (Room 228) was that we had plenty of room to manoeuvre about the room, Room 228 was so small that the bed nearly touched the walls and as Jarek is soooo tall if the room is small he feels trapped. Anyway this room was lovely and spacious with the usual items in there. Meaning a massive TV, a dressing / writing desk, a mini bar (that had two bottles of water in it), an iron and ironing board, a hair dryer, a small table with a chair, a “welcome” pack which would be great if your visiting the island and I think that’s it…


Now for the bathroom, it wasn’t as cute as the one in (Room 228) but sure it did the job! And most importantly it had a bath. You see where we have lived for the past 4 years had never had a bath so when we stay over anywhere I make it priority! Like in most places they provide soap, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and a shower cap.



At first glance the room was very clean but, on closer inspection I found hair in the bathroom and Jarek noticed that our bed throw was filthy. I would usually have complained but, as I made a fuss about wanting a bigger room and I had like fully moved in before we noticed the hairs and dirt that I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I think if we were staying there for longer then one night I would have but I just thought I didn’t have the energy. I just threw the throw in the corner of the room never to be looked at again and washed out the bath and scrubbed with my cleaning wipes (that I carry at all times). I wear a lot of Tan and this means I usually have the sheets and the towels destroyed but I should hope that the evidence of my stay would be washed clean, so this is what I expect when I enter a hotel room.


Ok so lets move on from the not so nice stuff and move on to the so nice stuff…

As they knew we had booked our stay for a belated birthday treat they did the cutest thing and had a fruit basket, chocolates and red wine set out for us in the room. Oh and even a card, how thoughtful was that. They really didn’t have to do that but, I was very glad they did as it made the experience extra special! Jarek was very impressed! We didn’t dig into everything till later on but when we did, yum. I’m not a connoisseur of wine but I really enjoyed the red wine. I thought the chocolates were delish and they were all handmade in Jersey which I thought was really cool. The fruit was a nice touch too, and I think we ate most of it.



Now yes they did spell my name wrong but, its the thought that counts right… After that we just pottered about the room relaxing and watching some TV. They have movies available too that are free to watch. I think we ended up watching a TV movie about Marilyn Monroe. We decided a while later that we’d head down to the spa bit. I really like it there, the pool is a decent size, it has a hot tub, a sauna and a steam room. We went down in our robes and slippers and collected a towel when we got down there. The do offer loads of Spa treatments too but I never seem to have the time, like I could squeeze it in but with my anxiety I just don’t ever want to cause myself more hassle then I need to. We had a little swim in the pool and a soak in the hot tub. Jarek loves the sauna and these showers they have that do like rain forest shower and all the rest but, I tend to very self-conscious about my skin so tend to go down in my make so for me there is no point. Also I can’t deal with the heat… It was busy enough and myself and Jarek ended up chatting to a lovely older couple who were on vacation. 


JacuzzieAs it was busy I didn’t want to take photos so I stole these from google 🙂

Then it was time to get ready for dinner, we had booked a table at Victoria’s for 7 o’clock but I wanted to change it to 7.30 so rang reception and tried to rearrange. It turned out that they had booked us in for dinner on the wrong day but had available space. The restaurant is MASSIVE, like crazy big. I would think day to day its difficult to fill but even so the atmosphere was really nice and I didn’t feel like I was miles away from the other diners nor did I feel I was on top of them. I will also mention at this point myself and Jarek had gotten through half of my Birthday wine so I was feeling rather good! 

View through Victorias_9f8bd68052e61b299c6bd14851fc5c3e(Stole this image from the internet)

Now onto the GOOOOD stuff! Food! Oh sweet mother of God the food was unreal. I’ll just go through what I had as I didn’t take any photos of what Jarek had. I think we had like a special menu but I’m not 100% sure. For starter we both had the squid and chorizo salad. I chose it as I’ve only ever had squid once before and said I’d try it again, I didn’t love the squid but I still ate it and loved the chorizo and the salad. Whatever the dressing was was yummers!! For my main I went for the lamb shank, I was expecting it to come on the bone but they had presented it in a sort of mound with the potatoes and veg under, which was all smothered in the most amazing jus. I could literally eat it all day long. Now for desert I did something a bit out there, a bit crazy… and I went for something that wasn’t chocolate. Well was I glad I did! I went for the lemon meringue pie. I was the best thing I had eaten in a long time. Now the alcohol may have helped a bit but honestly it was delish!! The meringue was like melted marshmallow and I think I may have even licked the plate it was that good! We also ordered a bottle of wine. I’m not great with mixing so I asked if we could have a bottle of the wine that was gifted to us in our room. They were happy to oblige.




After dinner we just pottered back up to our room, got cozy and polished off the end of the wine! We did plan to get up early and head back down for a swim but Jarek was dead to the world so I decided to run a bath. I had brought a Bomb Cosmetics bath bomb so sure it would be rude not to use it. One thing I will say is that they have some amount of hot water, I’ve stayed in a couple of hotels and half way through the water goes cold, which is great for me coz I’m a wimp. I’d say though that the water would have stayed scalding hot till the bath was full but I had to change over to cold I could I actually get in and hot stew. It was bliss. On a random note I like the taps… The bathroom also had a towel warmer which was great so it made the towels lovely and cozy for when you got out!



Its funny, going back through the experience a lot went wrong but, I think because the staff were so nice and I was so ready for a romantic night with Jarek I just ignored all the bad stuff. I would for sure stay again and would happily recommend the Grand Hotel to anyone who was interested in visiting Jersey CI. I should have a vlogg up on my YouTube on Tuesday, I will attach a link HERE!!

Would love to hear about your best hotel and why.

MagpieMagpie xo

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