Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette


My favourite things to buy are eyeshadow palettes, but I tend to stick to the same brands all the time. Well no more! Over the past few months, but especially October, I’ve been trying out a few and the one I’ve fallen for hard is the Maybelline The Nudes palette. Check out my October favourite’s video.


It’s a combination of all my favourite colours.  Well I like lots more colours but these are the colours I favour when choosing an everyday look. I have never actually bought too much Maybelline before but for some reason this palette spoke to me, and since then I’ve been picking up many Maybelline items. The quality of these eyeshadows is what has now attracted me to the brand.

Anyway I’ve gone off track. So back to the product in question. Packaging wise it’s nothing special, but nice nonetheless. It has a window so you can see the shadows and inside it has a place for those run of the mill applicators. I think what I like most is the shape of the shadows, they come in little rectangles, 12 altogether. There’s a mix of matt and shimmers in natural/nude colours. I find that with most eyeshadow palettes there are always one or two shadows I don’t like or never use but with this palette I use every single one. 

TheNudesMaybelline1-6 TheNudesMaybelline7-12

It’s great for taking your look from day to night too. It has everyday wearable nudes and with the mix of shimmers and darker nudes to give it that smokey party look. Below are images of my everyday makeup I usually wear to work, I took these photos after a full day of them being on the lid, so you could see the staying power. I don’t tend to use eyeshadow primer.

TheNudesMaybelline_Eyes TheNudesMaybelline_EyesClosed

The pigmentation is really good, but better when used with brushes. The ones I use every day are #3 as a base, #5 to really smoke out the crease, #6 to really deepen the crease at the corners, #7, #9 or #11 to pack on the lid depending on what kinda mood I’m in. When applying these ones I use my finger as I like the finish better, and lastly #1 to brighten the inner corner.

It does have “instructions” at the back of the palette but I completely ignored it to be honest, “bitch don’t tell me what to do” ha ha !!

I will definitely be repurchasing this palette and can’t wait to see what they bring out next.

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