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This brand is fastly becoming one of my favourite luxury jewellery brands! Verifine, they say it’s all in the name , is delicate luxury jewellery made for a woman who likes to change up her look and layer her jewellery. She can be minimal or a bit more OTT but ALWAYS elegant!

Each piece is made with high quality 18ct gold and precious stones which are micro pave set. They are everyday pieces, but as with everything that is delicate, care needs to be taken! If you are very heavy handed with your jewellery they might not be for you. For me what stands out most about Verifine against other stacking rings brands is the colour variety, a lot of other brands seem to play it safe. The best thing about colour is that peoples tastes vary, so the combinations are endless. The quality of the jewellery is second to none, with other brands there items are so delicate they can’t even be worn, this isn’t the case with Verifine. As I mentioned above if you are a bit heavy handed this style of jewellery might not be for you.

Today I’m going to be taking you through my little collection of thin stacking full eternity rings!

I’ve got a hybrid of the Three Rose Set, meaning I got this set but chose to have the diamonds set in white gold rather than rose, and all of mine are full eternity rings. I was keen to go for a  full eternity as I liked that the stones would be always be visible and I wouldn’t have to worry about trying to line then up when they would move about.

As I’m sure you know by now, for me, jewellery needs to be versatile. I like to mix and match and make it my own. This is why stacking rings are my top choice!

I actually got each ring bit by bit and over a number of years! The first one was for my 29th birthday from Jarek, we chose the full eternity with pink sapphire in 18ct rose gold, £395 including VAT.

The next was the full eternity with  black diamond, again in 18ct rose gold, £495 including VAT. Roughly 8 months later. Black diamonds are a classic, they can add a touch of edginess to a look. I love how the company black rhodium plates the tips too, it adds that bit of depth to the diamonds.

The final addition, but also my most precious ;), the diamond in 18ct white gold, £795 including VAT. The quality of the diamonds they use are G/H colour with Si clarity, and the sparkle and fire is stunning so you know each stone is cut well.

I wear mine on my middle finger and all three are a size N. They are the last thing I put on before heading out the door to work and one of the first things taken off when I get home.

I try not to wear them when washing my hands (soap can get trapped and dull the sparkle), and NEVER wear them while cleaning!

They are stocked in the luxury jewellers Hettich where I chose the first two, and I was also keen to see how they would send these items, so the last one was sent to my home. For me packaging is so important, It can make or break a gift! I was very excited for it to arrive and see how it would be presented.

Let me tell you I wasn’t disappointed!

It arrived in a lovely little white box that was packed with tissue and their logo. It did have packing peanuts which I’m not a fan of, I’m hoping they’ll upgrade to something a bit more environmentally friendly. Inside was my lovely little ring box with a lovely little bow and my even lovelier thin diamond full eternity ring inside!

I can’t tell you how excited I was to finally have this ring, I had this three ring combination in my mind and was so excited to complete my collection, especially as I adore this brand! These rings are so special and I enjoy putting them on and wearing them everyday. That’s what jewellery is all about right?!

Each piece comes with a 5 year guarantee, all you need to do is post it back to them, BUT from Jersey it’s a feckin’ nightmare so it’s best to do this via a stockist.

I’m excited to continue building my collection, here’s a quick peek at my wish list.

So there you have it, my prized ring set and what a bonus to source them from Verifine who always stock amazing, high quality pieces.I can’t wait to go back for more! Why not pop over to their website and have a look at some of their other combinations :

As always thanks so much for reading!

Till next week,

Sarah xo


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