Wet n Wild MegaLength Waterproof Mascara


I’m still on the hunt for a mascara that I can’t live without. Today we are talking WetnWild waterproof mascara. And I’m loving it!!


Ok so first off I’m loving the packaging, the fact that it’s my favourite colour is a plus and I like it’s clean crisp lines and lettering. This of course has no effect on whether the product works well of not but for me it’s something I tend to factor in when purchasing, OCD and all… The price is very affordable too. I think it comes in about like €4. #Bargain

Anyway back to the product! I really like the applicator! I’m a huge fan of the hedgehog style brush, not sure if that’s the technical term or not but sure let’s just go with it.


It grabs each lash, fans them out and coats each lash. It adds length and body which is great! It can sometimes clump together but that only unusually happens when I’m in a rush out the door and don’t really have time to be so careful. For me that’s an issue as I’m always in a rush out the door to work.




It lasts all day and night and doesn’t smudge. I’m not 100% if it effects my contact lenses as the weather here has changed so they have changed a bit anyway. I do really really like this mascara but alas it’s not the one.

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